Cross Channel Snapshot #1: Marks and Spencer’s in-store experience

Here is a quick snap shot of the in-store experience of a Marks and Spencer in Gloucester. As you can see the digital and physical continue to collide. Despite being a busy store it was the one part of the shop that no customer was in (except for me with my crafty and blurry iPhone photography). I wonder why?

Ignoring its low uptake by customers, I like the use of the coat hanger prompts and clear signposting.  However, you wonder how many customers truly understood what they could do in this area of the shop.  I like the idea of these quick and dirty cross channel snap shots so will keep my eyes peeled…

Photo of large call to action on a wall with a large tough screen device underneath.  The call to action tempts customers to search online whilst in the store. Close up of a dress on a coat hanger.  The coat hanger prompts customers to scan the dress at the wall display. Separate touch screen built into the shop wall with a scanner next to it for scanning in items of clothing A close up photo showing the various menu options on the in-store touch screen


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